Virtual allows you to explore a number of walking and scrambling routes in the mountains of the UK and in Europe. This is achieved by linking many 360 degree panoramic photographic images in a series of walk throughs. Simply clicking on the path ahead will take you on to the next location in the tour. Float the cursor over mountain peaks or other items of interest to read their identity, and watch your progress on an optional map.

The tours have been broken down into three categories;

The British Isles because that's where I live.
Croatia because I spend a lot of time there on family holidays.
European High Points because I wanted an extra personal challenge.


The introduction of V30 of the tour script resloves crashing seen in tours on some devices as well as adding support for higher resolution panoramas on tablets and smart phones which had previously been limited by Webgl to 4096 pixel wide. It will also be the foundation for 3D 360 panoramas currently under development.

Tour Demo:

Watch the demonstration video of the Midzor virtual reality tour below.

This virtual tour of Maglć, Bosnia and Herzegovina, takes advantage of HTML5 to run without a plug-in on most modern browser, including tablets and smartphones.


The virtual tours have been build using various technologies, from the camera taking the photos, the stitching software, and perhaps most importantly to the virtual mountaineer, the method of displaying them on screen.


Any mention of a route, service, or product is not an endorsement. Things change, uneconomic services are cancelled and new service introduced. Mountain huts are often only open in season, can be closed due to weather damage, or may have been removed altogether. To help you get up to date information I have placed links to third party sites..