Welcome to Virtual Mountain's tour of Mount Musala, the highest peak in Bulgaria.

Start your tour from the resort of Borovets and explore a large section of the Rila Mountain's north eastern massive. Discover a landscape of forests, lakes, jagged mountains and grassy plains as you climb from the Borovets to the Musala Hut on the shores of Mousalenski Ezero. Explore the hut complex, and spend the night at the Musala Hut before continuing in the morning past Alekovo Ezero, and the Ledeno Ezero Hut and the very roof of Bulgaria. Once at the summit of Mousala, you can descend the same path or continue on over the peaks of Malak Bliznak and Golyam Bliznak before the long decent to Zavrachista and Chakar Voyvoda huts.

Good Luck.

Map of Rila Mountains

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