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Sweden - Kebnekaise Sydtoppen / Giebmegáisi (2103m)

Last updated January 2007

Kebnekaise, is derived from the Sami Giebmegáisi or Giebnegáisi meaning "Cauldron Crest" or kettle crest. The mountain has two peaks, of which the southern glaciated peak “Kebnekaise Sydtoppen” is the highest at 2103m. The north top “ Kebnekaise Nordtoppen” is ice free at 2097m.

Older altitude measurements place Kebnekaise Sydtoppen at 2111m, but the glacier is steadily melting, so get there before it shrinks any further. Choose the right day, and it is said that you’ll be able to see 9% of Sweden’s surface area from the summit.

For an on-line, scaleable map visit MultiMap.

Official website of the Swedish Tourist Board.