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Liechtenstein: Vorder Grauspitz (2599m)

14/07/2018 - Solo day hike from Swizz side of the mountain.

Portugal (Island outside continental Europe): Ponta do Pico (2351m)

22/05/2018 - Cracking day and weather, 7 hours round trip, Highestpoint in Portugal

Belgium: Signal de Botrange (694m)

24/04/2017 - Simple walk from last bus stop.

Vatican City (Natural high point): Vatican Hill (72m)

21/02/2017 - Booked onto the Vatican Garden tour then sprinted away to bag the "natural" high point behind the radio Mast. Also did the Helipad as higher and a man made point and the tower marked with a high point then crowned it off with St Peters Dome to avoid argument

Netherlands: Vaalserberg (321m)

26/08/2015 - Route from Vaals town centre to the edge of the woodland then took the red badger trail into Germany around the edge of the wood then through it to the Drielandspunt for a pleasant 2 mile ascent.

Serbia: Midžor (2169m)

12/07/2015 - Ascent with guide from the ski centre at Babin Zub.

Montenegro (Official Highest Mountain): Bobotov Kuk (2522m)

10/07/2015 - Ascent with guide from Sedlo.

Kosovo: Djeravica (2656m)

08/07/2015 - Ascent with guide from Montenegran side, long walk about 17 miles on a good path traversing high ground mostly on the Kosovan side.

Albania: Maja e Korabit (2753m)

06/07/2015 - Ascent with guide from Radomire on the Albanian side.

Monaco: 24 Chemin des Revoir (162m)

30/09/2014 - Walked up from the Train Station to the highest point on the Chemin de Revoire, (tricky to know exactly where the high point was) before heading to the Jardin Exotique with its terraced gardens and caves to turn an otherwise dull walk into something better.

Croatia: Dinara (1830m)

11/07/2014 - Solo ascent from Knin, 7hrs.

Montenegro (Highest Point): Zla Kolata (2534m)

06/07/2014 - Solo ascent from Vusange, fine weather, 10 hours return.

Malta: Unnamed point near Ta'Dmejrek (253m)

06/11/2013 - Solo walk from Dingli town to the cliff edge then followed the cliff to the Radar Station, then continued on the cliff edge to the official and scratty high point of Ta' Dmejrek. whilst visiting malta I also went to the smaller island of Gozo, its hills are quite worthwhile so I bagged the highest point Ta Dbiegi 194M from The craft village close to Gharb. Whilst its not a country high point it felt right to include it along with Malta's high point.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Maglić (2386m)

24/06/2013 - Hike starting in Bosnia then ascending in Montenegro, completing the Bosnian and Montenegran Summits and returning via Trnovaklo Lake

Cyprus: Chionistra on Mount Olympus (1951m)

12/02/2013 - Not the hardest peak but quite beautiful in the snow. Hired a car and drove up to just passed Troodos village and walked the final mile up the road.

Iceland: Hvannadalshnúkur (2110m)

28/06/2012 - Sandfell route taking 13:45 hours. excelent conditions

Romania: Moldoveanu (2544m)

07/09/2011 - Acsent from Podragu Hut via Vista Mare.

Czech Republic: Snežka (1602m)

10/06/2010 - Ascent from Pec Pod via Obri Dul route, Polish extentionto Luchni Bouda on tubdra plateau surrounding Spalona Straznica fibnaly ascending Snezka from Pod Snezka, along broad ridge to Czarma Kopa to Jelenka the traverse under Snezka to Ruzova Hora before descending back to Pec Pod.

Germany : Zugspitze (2963m)

07/06/2010 - Munchen Hause to Zugspitze Summit, descent via Cable car and Rack railway.

Bulgaria: Musala (2925m)

15/08/2009 - Ascent via gondala lift from borovets to Yastrebets then walking to Mount Musala

Spain (Mainland): Mulhacén (3479m)

12/06/2007 -

United Kingdom (Northern Ireland): Slieve Donard (850m)

08/04/2007 - Summited from Bloody Bridge and returning to Newcastle.

Turkey (Asian high point): Mt. Ararat (5137m)

05/09/2006 - Summited High Camp to Mount Ararat summit.

Slovenia: Triglav (2764m)

27/07/2006 - Summited from Koca Na Dolicu to Mali Triglav and Triglav then descent to Vodnikov Dom.

Hungary: Kékes (1014m)

30/06/2005 - From Matrafured returning via MatraHaza

Poland: Rysy (2499m)

25/06/2005 - Summited 25th June 2005, from Srebske Pleso.

Norway: Galdhøpiggen (2469m)

02/09/2004 -

Ireland: Corrán Tuathail (1039m)

04/06/2002 -

Greece : Mytikas on Mount Olympus (2917m)

11/08/1999 - Refuge A to Mount Olympus, Skala, Mikitas, Skolio & Ag Antonius

United Kingdom (Wales): Snowdon (1085m)

01/05/1999 - Classic Snowdon Horshoe

United Kingdom (England): Scafell Pike (978m)

21/09/1997 - Scafell, Scafell Pike, Round How, Symonds Knott,Lingmell,Great End,Broad crag, Ill crag

United Kingdom (Scotland): Ben Nevis (1344m)

01/08/1996 -

San Marino: Monte Titano (749m)

04/01/1994 - Walk Around San Marino, Monte Titano.