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Lithuania: Aukštojas Kalnas (294m)

05/04/2008 -

Hungary: Kékes (1014m)

03/09/2007 -

Andorra: Coma Pedrosa (2942m)

01/06/2007 - Began acsent on the GR11 route from Arinsal, up via Refugi de Coma Pedrosa where we stayed the night having deliberately planned it that way so we could get up and down in the morning before the usual midday cloudover happened.

Ireland: Corrán Tuathail (1039m)

05/05/2007 - (Approximate date)

Denmark (Mainland): Møllehøj / Ejer Bavnehoj (171m)

01/05/2007 - Day trip to both Ejer Baunehøj & Yding Skovhøj.

Greece : Mytikas on Mount Olympus (2917m)

01/10/2006 - Climbed from around 900m on the Litohoro side, up and down in one day.

Romania: Moldoveanu (2544m)

01/08/2006 - Ascent from Victoria to Cabana Podragu where stayed the night before continuing on to summit Moldoveanu and returning to Cabana Podragu to stay a second night before returning to Victoria. The slow pace was because we had to get a group of scouts up there. It would probably be do-able from Victoria in one very long day though, particularly if you took the most direct route. Alternatively walking the whole Fagaras ridge would be an option.

United Kingdom (Wales): Snowdon (1085m)

01/06/2006 - Many times, most recently May 2012 via Crib Goch on a very grey day.

United Kingdom (England): Scafell Pike (978m)

01/02/2005 - Many times, most recently Feburary 2005

United Kingdom (Scotland): Ben Nevis (1344m)

01/06/1999 -