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Derek Stillingfleet

From the UK and editor of this website began a deliberate assault of the European Highpoint List in 1999 having enjoyed hiking and climbing mountains at home in the UK and abroad since a teenager.

Greece : Mytikas on Mount Olympus (2917m)

25/07/2018 - Acclimatised with ascent from Litochoro along the Enipeas Gorge to Prionia. Then on the following day made ascent from Gortisa (~1100m) via Skourta (2475m) and Plateau of the Muses to the S.E.O. Refuge (2697m). Explored the peaks around the refuge; Profit Ilias (2787m), Touba (2786m), and an unnamed peak of 2727m. On third day made ascent of Skala (2866m) and Mytikas (2918m) via the Zonaria path. Descended via refuge A to Prionia.

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Romania: Moldoveanu (2544m)

07/08/2017 - Solo ascent on hot sunny day. I traversed the ridge from the pass at Lake Balea, taking in summit of Mircii (2470m), and Vişte Mare (2534m). Returning by the same route. Total distance 26.5Km, ascent 1980m, 12hrs.

Serbia: Midžor (2169m)

06/08/2013 - Solo ascent from Topli Do climbing to Midžor following a path up the southern slopes via Cićenia Čuka, and returning in a loop via the Babin Zub ski centre and forest track alongside the Rekitska. Approximately 30Km distance, with over 1800m total ascent.

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Montenegro (Highest Point): Zla Kolata (2534m)

17/08/2012 - Solo ascent from Vusanje. Day started overcast but the sun soon burnt off the cloud from the storm the night before revealing brilliant blue skies and a little sunburn. 23Km, 1850m total ascent.

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Luxembourg: Kneiff (560m)

11/08/2012 - Summit (by car) during cross European drive.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Maglić (2386m)

11/08/2011 - A solo ascent of Maglić on a fine sunny day amongst fantastic scenery. Left my car at the apex of a forestry track at unnamed pass, and followed the path and markers for the "normal route", approximately 3 hour to summit. Traversed the summit ridge southwards then made a steep descent to the beautiful Lake Trnovačko, and hiked along the valley floor before climbing back to forestry track at Prijevor. Walked, hitched lift, and walked back to car at starting point to make circular tour.

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Andorra: Coma Pedrosa (2942m)

04/09/2010 - Ascent with two friends from Arinsal via Collet de Coma Pedrosa (route of the GR11) and descent via Refugi del Pla de I'Estany. Fantastic weather, great views.

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Croatia: Dinara (1830m)

17/08/2010 - Solo, non-technical ascent and descent of Dinara from the hamlet of Glavas. Bright sunny day, no landmines, no snakes.

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Liechtenstein: Vorder Grauspitz (2599m)

13/08/2009 - Ascent from Steg south along good tracks then across country up to main the ridge. Traversed the ridge to the Hinter Grauspitz / Schwarzhorn (2574m) which is an exposed walk with some scrambling required. Continued down across scree slope to col then back along the ridge to Vorder Grauspitz. Bright sunny day, some cloud cover, but clear views. Saw no other hikers once off the farm tracks.

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Bulgaria: Musala (2925m)

01/08/2008 - Afternoon ascent from Borovets (~1400m) to the Musala Hut (2389m) along worked forest tracks and later walking trails. On second day ascended with others from the hut to Musala summit (2925m) then continued alone south along the ridge to Malak Bliznak (2777m), Goyam Bliznak (2779m), and Marishki Chal (2765m) before descending to the Zavrachitsa Hut. Here followed forest trails northwards via the Chakar Voyvoda Hut back to Borovets. The weather was fine throughout, with low cloud and threat of rain during the early afternoon of the second day.

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Montenegro (Official Highest Mountain): Bobotov Kuk (2522m)

30/05/2007 - Single day ascent from Crno Jezero with Ian via Lokvice and returning via Ledena Pecina. Snow above 2000m, with no foot prints to follow. Difficult final ascent from the pass beneath the summit due to steep snow slope and being equiped with neither crampons nor ice axe.

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Italy (Highest Mountain): Gran Paradiso (4061m)

21/06/2006 - Three day trek for acclimatization, culminating in the summit of Gran Paradiso on day three.

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Luxembourg (Old High Point): Buergplaz (560m)

06/06/2005 - Day walk from Troisvierges to Buergplaz.

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Belgium: Signal de Botrange (694m)

05/06/2005 - Long acsent from Eupen following the Hill River, and descent to Malmedy.

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Netherlands: Vaalserberg (321m)

04/06/2005 - Easy walk up from Vaals, then a descent to Eupen in Belgium. Start of a backpacking trip to summit the highest points of the Benelux nations.

Gibraltar: The Rock (426m)

23/01/2005 - Short, but fun and adventurous hike via the crumbling Med Steps,


Slovakia: Gerlachovský Štít (2655m)

08/07/2004 - Day hike from Sliezky Dom with a guide.

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Poland: Rysy (2499m)

07/07/2004 - Day hike from Morskim Oku to Strbske Pleso via Summit

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Cyprus: Chionistra on Mount Olympus (1951m)

12/10/2003 - Day hike along a network of tracks and nature trails.


Ireland: Corrán Tuathail (1039m)

21/06/2003 - Day hike with my father.


Austria: Großglockner (3798m)

15/09/2002 - Failed summit attempt due to strong icy winds and zero visability upon reaching the Kleinglocckner (3770m).


Germany : Zugspitze (2963m)

02/06/2002 - Summit a snow covered mountain during a two day trek whilst those at home were celebrating the Queen's Jubilee.


Czech Republic: Snežka (1602m)

30/12/2001 - Summited December 2001, waste deep snow on this occasion, -10 degC on Summit and that was without a ferocious wind chill.


Hungary: Kékes (1014m)

28/12/2001 - Very easy forest walking, snow not a real hindrance.


Slovenia: Triglav (2764m)

18/07/2001 - Summited during three day trek of the Triglav National Park. Then for a second time during a two day trek in June 2017.

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United Kingdom (Northern Ireland): Slieve Donard (850m)

27/11/1999 - Day hike in foul weather, ascending from Newcastle to Slieve Donard, then following the wall along to Slieve Commedagh in the hope that the weather would improve. It didn't. Descended from the ridge at Hare's Gap to the B27 road and long walk back round to Newcastle.

Spain (Mainland): Mulhacén (3479m)

27/09/1999 - Summited during three day trek of the Sierra Nevada.


United Kingdom (England): Scafell Pike (978m)

01/09/1990 - Summited 1 September 1990, February 2006 from Wasdale via the Corridor Route, 10th August 2007 from Seathwaite in Borrowdale, and 10th April 2010 from Langdale.

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United Kingdom (Scotland): Ben Nevis (1344m)

31/08/1990 - Summit via tourist path 31 Aug 1990, and via the CMD Arete 28 Dec 2003.

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United Kingdom (Wales): Snowdon (1085m)

27/05/1990 - Summited on various occasions by different routes, including; 27 May 1990, 19 Feb 2000 and 26 Feb 2002

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