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San Marino - Monte Titano 749m

Last updated November 2006


The Most Serene Republic of San Marino is the third smallest nation in Europe (after Monaco and the Holy See). It is also the oldest surviving constitutional republic in the world, escaping the unification process that merged all the other former Italian states into one during the 19th Century. Legend has it that the city state was founded in A.D. 301 by Marinus of Rab, a Christian stonemason fleeing the religious persecution of Roman Emperor Diocletian.

The old fortified citadel occupies the highest point in the Republic, and is a tourist magnet in itself.




San Marino's closest airport, is Federico Fellini International Airport close to the Italian city of Rimini.

There are no trains into San Marino, so you're limited to buses or driving yourself. Depending on the season there are up to nine buses shuttling to Rimini daily. There's also a daily service to Urbino. Both services leave from Piazzale Calcigni (aka Piazalle delle Autocorriere). If you're keen to drive, take the S72 from Rimini's city centre. Park near the funivia (cable car) and catch it into the city centre.


For an on-line, scaleable map visit MultiMap.

USEFUL LINKS is the official website of the San Marino government and tourist board.