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Romania - Moldoveanu

, 2544m - Info | Summit Log



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Derek Stillingfleet 07/08/2017 Solo ascent on hot sunny day. I traversed the ridge from the pass at Lake Balea, taking in summit of Mircii (2470m), and Vişte Mare (2534m). Returning by the same route. Total distance 26.5Km, ascent 1980m, 12hrs.

Steve Dixon 07/09/2011 Acsent from Podragu Hut via Vista Mare.

Péter Kerepesi 21/08/2010 Having stopped on route at Balea lake (~2000m) for view and pancakes. We drove through the tunnel under the ridge, and made camp for the night. The three of us started walking early morning (5:30). Weather was okay, but underestimated the demands of the route. We started from ~2000m and the summit is on~ 2500m, so the level difference was about 500m, but the way goes down 300m and up 300m 3 or 4 times. So the way to the summit took about 8 hours. From the summit descended about 200m in fog before recognizing a route mistake. The only solution was to retrace path back to summit. Exhausted, and we knew we couldn't go back to the car in one day, so decided to stay in nearest refuge. We arrived there at 19:00, ate dinner and slept. Next morning, left that hut at 6:00 and arrived back at the car at 11:00

Andrej Gerber 30/04/2009
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James Miall 01/08/2006 Ascent from Victoria to Cabana Podragu where stayed the night before continuing on to summit Moldoveanu and returning to Cabana Podragu to stay a second night before returning to Victoria. The slow pace was because we had to get a group of scouts up there. It would probably be do-able from Victoria in one very long day though, particularly if you took the most direct route. Alternatively walking the whole Fagaras ridge would be an option.

Ricardo Hernani 04/08/2002 Summited with friends.