Welcome : There are a number of routes to the summit of Coma Pedrosa (Andorra’s highest mountain at 2942m), in this tour you can explore the most popular. Tracing the GR11 footpath westward from the Andorran village of Arinsal; following at first a gravel track, and then a narrow footpath, above the Rui de Coma Pedrosa, climbing to the pass known as the Collet de Coma Pedrosa. Near here a mountain hut of the same name stands proud on an outcrop of rock. But the tour continues forward crossing the meadow at the valley floor, continuing on the Grande Randonnée up to Les Canyorques before turning north eastwards to the first of two lakes. Here the path to the summit veers right as the GR11 continues northwards past the lake Estany Negre and into Spain. Our path climbs astride Coma Pedrosa’s southwest facing ridge and follows it with breath taking views of the Pyrenees.

An alternative route, that via the Refugi del Pla de l'Estany is in the works and will be added when completed.

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More : I hope you enjoy this virtual mountain experience. I created the panorama using Smoky City Design's Panorama Factory, from photos taken during a one day trip in September 2010. I made the hike up from Arinsal with two friends from the Basque Country whom I had joined in Bilbao the previous day. We had fantastic weather and the views from the summit were distant and included the snow capped summits of distant 3000m peaks further along the Pyrenees, and the rocky summit of Pica d'Estats, the highest mountain in Catalonia.

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