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Mountains of Croatia -


In these tours you will be able to visit the HPO's in Croatia's Istria; those on the Učka massif and in the Ćićarija.

Whilst I have walked almost all these HPO's at various times, and have photos for many, the tour for Županj Vrh is the only tour developed.




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Žbevnica, Ćićarija1014mHPO 10.1No VR Tour
Orljak, Ćićarija1106mHPO 10.2No VR Tour
Županj Vrh, Ćićarija1138mHPO 10.3Brgudac
Veliki Planik, Ćićarija1272mHPO 10.4No VR Tour

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Županj Vrh:

Županj Vrh is an unimpressive peak, it's summit easily gained from the hamlet of Brgudac. Instead it offers wide views, particularly southward towards Ucka, and some other interest on route.Expand Icon

Once the steep intial climb to Korita is accomplised, the going is becomes easier. When I hiked this route in 2016, taking the photos for this tour, it was with my two sons, it was with some delight that we reached the spring beneath Brajkov Vrh, itself formerly an HPO before being moved to Županj Vrh. Expand article