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Black Mountains

Explore the hills and mountains of the Black Mountains in South Wales from the comfort of your computer, tablet or smart phone with this virtual reality tour to the summit below. In 3D.




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Myndd Llysiau663mNuttallLlanbedr / Neuadd-fawr
Pen Allt-mawr719mNuttallLlanbedr / Neuadd-fawr
Pen Cerrig-calch701mNuttallLlanbedr / Neuadd-fawr
Pen Twyn Glas646mNuttallLlanbedr / Neuadd-fawr
Pen Twyn Mawr658mNuttallTir Y Nant
Pen y Gadair Fawr800mNuttallTir Y Nant
Waun Fach811mNuttallLlanbedr / Neuadd-fawr / Tir Y Nant

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These tour are supported by most modern browsers including those on tablets and mobile phones. When viewed on mobile phones equipped with the appropriate gyros, these tours are also compatible with Google Cardboard VR, and other headsets.

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Winter 2018:

It was winter 2018, one of those days between Christmas and New Year during which I was desperate to get out on to the hills, stretch my legs, breave in some fresh are, and try taking some panoramas for my first 3D 360 degree tour. Expand

Whist it did not rain on my son and I, the weather could have been kinder. The forecast had been for a higher cloud base, and it's true that we were never in a complete white out, though it nearly happened on top of Pen Allt-mawr. Seeing that cloud ahead of us, we sheltered a while in the hollowed out Bronze Age cairn on Pen Cerrig-calch to eat an early lunch. It was too cold to stay sat for long, so wrapped up against the breeze we headed on. As often happens the cloud cleared from Pen Allt-mawr shortly after we descended, but neither of us were going to head back. With two summits in the bag we continued on to our third, the rather lowly Pen Twyn Glas. We debated a short while the virtues of various onward directions. We could head north along the ridge further, but with daylight in short supply we headed south along the quarried Tal Trwynau spur before descending in the last of the light to the farm at Neuadd-fawr.

Lunch in the bronze age cairn on Pen Cerrig-calch.
Lunch in the bronze age cairn on Pen Cerrig-calch. looking toward clould covered Pen Allt-mawr and Waun Fach.

The photos for the tour were taken on a Ricoh Theta S 360 degree panoramic camera. The low light did not particulary suit it.Minimise