Welcome : Climb Maglić, Bosnia and Herzegovina's highest mountain.

Before you start : Visit the Virtual Shop and collect an old Yugoslav map of the area to take with you on your adventure, there's not been a new map of these mountains produced since 1976.

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More : I hope you enjoy this virtual mountain experience. I created the panoramas using Smokey City's Panorama Factory V5, from photos taken during a single trip in August 2011.

On the first day I had driven south from the Serbian city of Novi Sad, the journey taking significantly longer than Google Maps had predicted. So it was in darkness that I arrived at the Hotel Mladost in the town of Tjentište. The room was clean, comfortable, well priced, and whilst the restaurant was closed, they rustled up some food for me.

On day two I rose early, to drive the 14km to my starting place at Dernicista, gaining around 150m in doing so. The forestry road was poorly surfaced, and often washed away. Trails of oil down the centre of the road showed where a previous vehicle had grounded, and I genuinely feared I could get stuck here.

The day was a good one for walking, dry, sunny, with a light breeze and occasional cloud. The route was pretty well marked too, the correct path (often narrow) was clear to read on the ground for all but the first part of the route. Some slopes were pretty steep, one particularly exposed section protected by a cable. Once on the summit, I traverse the ridge southwards descending above the beautiful Trnovaćko jezero (Lake Trnovaćko) then made the long walk out to the trail head at Prijevor from where I hitched a lift back close to my where I had parked my car.

Want to go for real : Maglić is not an easy place to get to by public transport. It is probably easier to fly into one of the holiday resorts on the Croatian coast, pick up a hire car, and head for Tjentište. Allow plenty of time for this. The roads pass through high mountains and are long and winding. Do not expect duel carriageways.

There are in total three routes to the summit of Bosnia. This tour covers the two route accessible to walkers with a good head for heights.

Hotel Mladost. Road side sign to Prijevor (and Dernicista) Waterfall on route to Dernicista.

Summit of Maglić. Memorial on Summit of Maglić. Trnovacko jezero.

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