WELCOME : Welcome to Virtual Mountain's tour of southern Krk Island, a beautiful gem off Croatia's Adriatic coast. Walk along the seafront at Baška and explore the narrow streets of the old town and harbour, before heading in land to explore the karstic limestone plateau, and the island’s highest peak Obzovo (569m). The tour facilities two routes to the summit; one path leads up from the village Draga Bašćanska, the other from the village of Batomalj and over the peak of Veliki Hlam and along the plateau’s edge. In nearby Jurandvor, call in at St Lucy's Church to discover the arcane Glagolitic text of the Baška Tablet.

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More : I hope you enjoy this virtual mountain experience, put together from photographs taken over two holidays in Baška with my family during August 2008 and August 2009. Baška is a great family resort, especially for those who wish to stretch their legs as well as spending time on the beach. The karstic wastelands offer interesting insight to the harsh lives the people once lived here, with sparse grass, weird dry stone walls fencing off the pastures of individual families. Water is rare, and you’ll be sure to take along plenty of drink.

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