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Péter Kerepesi

Hungarian chemical engineer who loves motorcycle tours and hiking.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Maglić (2386m)

30/07/2011 - Descent with brother from Prijevor to Lake Trnovačko followed by steep climb to summit ridge and along to peak of Maglić itself. Descent via the same route. Good weather, some cloud.

Germany : Zugspitze (2963m)

15/09/2010 - A quick, single day, solo ascent, taking the cable car at 7:40 from Obermoose (1220m) and arriving at the Weiner Neustadthütte (2200m) at 10:10. Weather was okay, path well marked for short 100m ascent to the start of the via ferrata. Met no one else going up, just three people of their descent warning of snow field where axe/poles and crampons would be needed. Snow field was not so big, nor dangerous, but used crampons and poles. Six hours after departure arrived at the summit, spent a little time here before descending by cable car.

Romania: Moldoveanu (2544m)

21/08/2010 - Having stopped on route at Balea lake (~2000m) for view and pancakes. We drove through the tunnel under the ridge, and made camp for the night. The three of us started walking early morning (5:30). Weather was okay, but underestimated the demands of the route. We started from ~2000m and the summit is on~ 2500m, so the level difference was about 500m, but the way goes down 300m and up 300m 3 or 4 times. So the way to the summit took about 8 hours. From the summit descended about 200m in fog before recognizing a route mistake. The only solution was to retrace path back to summit. Exhausted, and we knew we couldn't go back to the car in one day, so decided to stay in nearest refuge. We arrived there at 19:00, ate dinner and slept. Next morning, left that hut at 6:00 and arrived back at the car at 11:00

Slovenia: Triglav (2764m)

19/07/2010 - One of a party of four ascending from the Krma valley. Arriving at Planika dom before 13:00 on day one, strong winds and hail stones preventing a summit attempt that day. Early start the following morning, reaching the summit by 7:30 on the easy via ferrata, and returning to the hut for breakfast. Return to Krma valley before 14:00.

United Kingdom (Scotland): Ben Nevis (1344m)

19/09/2009 - Day hike from Fort William, taking the tourist path up from Glen Nevis to the shore of Lochan Meall an t-Suidhe then taking the zig-zag path to summit cairn. Over cast, with poor visability from the summit. 15K trip there and back, 1325m height gain.

Serbia: Midžor (2169m)

21/08/2009 - Solo hike in the afternoon from the hotel at Babin Zub, 16Km there and back. Clear path led from Babin Zub but falls shy of summit.

Croatia: Dinara (1830m)

31/05/2009 - Rode motorbike up the 16Km track from Kinn to the Brezovac mountain hut, followed by a 2.5 / 3 hour hike on a clear, well marked path to the summit of Dinara with some easy rocky sections. ~800m height gained.

Czech Republic: Snežka (1602m)

03/05/2008 -

Poland: Rysy (2499m)

15/09/2007 -

Hungary: Kékes (1014m)

11/02/2006 -