ESC - Malta - Unnamed point near Ta'Dmejrek, 253m - Log Book



Comments / Route

Lee Richardson 11/11/2013 Summited at Dingli Cliffs, a solo breezy walk to the edge of the cliffs facing the Mediterranean, with next landfall being Tunisia, North Africa....

Steve Dixon 06/11/2013 Solo walk from Dingli town to the cliff edge then followed the cliff to the Radar Station, then continued on the cliff edge to the official and scratty high point of Ta' Dmejrek. whilst visiting malta I also went to the smaller island of Gozo, its hills are quite worthwhile so I bagged the highest point Ta Dbiegi 194M from The craft village close to Gharb. Whilst its not a country high point it felt right to include it along with Malta's high point.

Ricardo Hernani 01/08/2012 Visited whilst on cruise of the Mediterranean with family. Crossed Malta from La Valletta to Dingle, them on to the difficult to locate Ta'Dmejrek. Went to each of three possible canidate sites; 1) At radar station, 2) near Magdalena Chapel, and 3) slight rise east of the chapel.

Mark McAllister 28/01/2012 Nothing marking to point, so walked the length of the cliffs and the scrub land just past the chapel.